Recipe: Appetizing California Farm Made Pepperoni Sausage

California Farm Made Pepperoni Sausage. Great recipe for California Farm Made Pepperoni Sausage. Home of the Nationally Famous Soupy (supri, sopressata) a Calabrese dry cured sausage The. Ezzo's uses only Real Pork and Beef unlike other producers who use soy, chicken, or mustard flour.

California Farm Made Pepperoni Sausage Excellent Performance – Consistent piece count and slice dealability for more accurate portion costs, reliable coverage and better operational control. Whether you operate a pizzeria or restaurant, or you are a. Farmer John recently launched the California Kindness Project—a program designed to support committed California non-profits who are making an impact in their local areas. You can have California Farm Made Pepperoni Sausage using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of California Farm Made Pepperoni Sausage

Mix all ingredients with ground meat. Making sausage is easy; anyone can do it in a home kitchen. Combine meat and spices and grind, throw in an oven and your sausage is ready. Making dry sausage, such as pepperoni, is more of an art and requires the proper recipe, equipment and the time to do it right.

California Farm Made Pepperoni Sausage step by step

There are hundreds of sausage plants but very few that make dry, cured sausage. Dissolve cure in ¾ cup water. Add liquid smoke and red pepper flakes to water as well, if using. We carry a variety of Italian cured meats and pepperoni. Alp's Natural Casing Dry Sausage is made in the USA and sold by the piece.

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