Recipe: Tasty Steam Chicken with Chinese Sausage

Steam Chicken with Chinese Sausage. Transfer the chicken mixture to a deep plate or pie dish. Thinly slice the Chinese sausages on an angle, and scatter the slices on top of the chicken. In a large bowl, mix chicken with soy sauce, sugar, salt, cornstarch, sherry wine, and ginger juice.

Steam Chicken with Chinese Sausage Stir together the chicken, soy, rice wine, sugar, sesame oil, cornflour and some black pepper in a bowl. Transfer to the plate/bowl and mix with the sliced sausages. In a small bowl, combine all the seasoning ingredients and mix well. You can cook Steam Chicken with Chinese Sausage using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Steam Chicken with Chinese Sausage

Carefully remove the chicken platter and serve it on an adequate-size, stable trivet. Decorate when you put dish out, with shredded. Then place chicken meat in a steaming dish and place sliced sausage on top. When the water is steaming, tip your chicken onto a serving plate that will fit inside your wok or steamer.

Steam Chicken with Chinese Sausage instructions

Arrange the chicken over the plate in an even layer, then scatter over the lap cheong slices and the spring onion. Then cover with a tight-fitting lid and cook. Serve on top of steaming hot rice. Add in chicken and mix until most of the liquid is absorbed into the chicken. Take out the marinated chicken and let it rest at room temperature.

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