Recipe: Perfect Ham Sausage

Ham Sausage. Combine the pork butt with the salts, garlic, corn syrup, and pepper. Spread in a single layer on a sheet tray and chill thoroughly in the freezer. Transfer the ground meat to the bowl of a stand mixer.

Ham Sausage Emulsify ground fat pork adding cold water. Our breakfast sausages are available in links, patties or a smoked uncut raw roll packaged in burlap allowing the hickory smoke to gently and slowly flavor the sausage. Our gourmet ham selection includes center cut steaks, smoked bone in ham steaks and breakfast ham steaks. You can cook Ham Sausage using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Ham Sausage

One of the smokehouses we use makes its home in Kentucky, where country. Hams are one of Germany's most favorite meat products, both the air-dried, cured, prosciutto-like "raw ham" (Rohschinken) and the boiled, cured, pink "cooked ham" (Kochschinken). Both types are frequently used as meal ingredients, for example as white asparagus wrap-around or mixed with spätzle noodles. The deliciousness doesn't stop with breakfast though–these ham sausages are also amazing as a pizza topping or as an ingredient in pasta sauce or meatballs!

Ham Sausage instructions

Arrives within two days of shipment; packaged with dry ice, but may arrive with little to none remaining. Our Bacon, Hams and Sausage are real old-fashioned country-style products. Family secrets and methods of curing and aging have been preserved through the years to give you these fine taste-tempting old south favorites. We're confident you will find our country style meats delightfully different than any you have ever tried. Ham sausage is mass-produced and consumed in China, and several varieties of the product exist in the country.

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